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SibTourGuide Inwood Hostel

Welcome to SibTourGuide Inwood Hostel - the budget place to stay in the city center Krasnoyarsk. The hostel has been part of our guided tours and excursions throughout the area. Here lives the spirit of local touristic highlights and adventures. The place has all facilites what a traveler expects to find in an amazing hostel!


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Russian Dacha Stay

Accommodation at a real Russian Dacha located in the forest 40 km outside of Krasnoyarsk. This combination of countryside and camping type of experience comes for the real adventure seekers who wish to approach to the life and culture of Siberian dacha landlords.


Included: transportation by car (two trips), meals (depending on option), English-speaking guide and survival expert's service.


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Anatoliy's Homestay Bed & Breakfast

Accommodation with the family of Anatoliy Bryuhanov, the website owner. A typical Soviet apartment block in residential area, 15-30 minutes away from the city center (by car). 4 rooms + kitchen apartment. The place can accommodate 1-2-3 people. One room available for guests, depending on season. English-speaking hosts and all kinds of support for travelers.

Included: breakfast and free of charge Train Station pick up by car.

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