Krasnoyarsk Dam Excursion Description

      If you are in Krasnoyarsk you would definitely have to not miss the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Electric Power Station (Dam). This dam is located 40 km upstream of the city.


      The road there is a part of the highway to Mongolia and goes through beautiful countryside. It turns, goes up and down in gorgeous mountains covered by pines and birch trees. It reminds many people of places such as parts of Italy, western Ontario in Canada and states like Utah, West Virginia, etc in the U.S. Also, it comes through dacha’s areas (summer cottages) of city’s residents. Right after a checkpoint of the traffic police, which signs a border of Krasnoyarsk, we will pass the local Royev Ruchei Zoo. This Zoo has many different animals and birds. Also, there are not only local animals. For instance, you can see camels over there as well. But it is the nice place for a stop over if you like to take a look at bears, wolves and others representatives of the local wildlife. Soon, after the Zoo we will pass parking spot for cars of people coming to visit the Nature Reserve "Stolby". They leave their cars down there and walk about 3 km up to mountains to reach the mountain area where interesting granite rock formations are erected right in taiga (Siberian forest).


      Somebody had a good sense of humor and named couple parts of the road funny names. The first long, sharp and curve is "Mother-in-laws tongue". And there is another one part, which is like the opposite of 'Mother-in-laws tongue" - "Son-in-laws fist".


      On the mid-way to the Dam we’ll stop over at the look out place. It is a specially built place to see the breathtaking scenery of the Yenisey river and mountains covered by forest. There is also a gorgeous view onto a village right under the look out place, highway to the Dam. When it’s clear day you can also see a part of Krasnoyarsk and the Trans Siberian Railway Bridge. Local people love to come here. According to heritage newly wedded couples get over there to take some pictures, have champagne and tie on ribbons on trees as a sign of start of new family and for happiness. You will see lots of ribbons on trees up there.


      The next place for stop might be Ovsyanka village. This is where very famous and talented Russian writer Victor Astafiev lived and die in 2001. He sponsored building of an excellent small wooden church in his home-village. Nowadays his name is very important in Russian literature and culture. Visiting Ovsyanka is also nice opportunity to see a life of Siberian village and traditional old houses.


      Tour of Ovsyanka village can not be completed without visiting of "The last bow" Victor Astafiev’s memorial-museum. The one was opened in 2004 and based on his novel. This is more personal story about his family but the memorial also describes the life of Siberian peasants by the beginning of XXth century. The complex includes the family logged house, household equipment, buildings and cellar. Although, this memorial was established for tourism there is also an opportunity to visit the real tiny house where the famous writer spent his last years.


      The way to the Dam will across the Mana river. This river is very popular for rafting in summer time. It is one of the most expensive and popular areas to build dacha (summer cottage) for Krasnoyarsk’s residents. It is beautiful in summer and very interesting in winter. Because the bridge crosses it at the tributary so you can see the Mana covered by ice on the left side and never frozen Yenisey on the right. Next stop will be at the Yenisey embankment in the town of Divnogorsk. This town was built for the Dam builders and the name means "beautiful mountains town". Nowadays it’s one of the most environmentally clean towns in the area. And the river embankment is the nice place to feel the strong heavy breathing of Yenisey as well as nice spot to take pictures.


      After Divnogorsk we will finally reach the Dam. This Dam is the pride of Siberian energetic. Its capacity is more than 6 million kilowatts. In 1961 the first concrete was poured into its dam body. This huge and impressive installation was completed in 1968. The construction totally employed 20 thousand people at a time. It took 16 years to build it. It is an impressive concrete wall producing electric energy. Seventy percent of the electricity from this dam is consumed by only one plant in Krasnoyarsk: Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant, which is the second largest aluminum plant in the world. The dam has a self-moving ship elevator, which is like a giant bathtub that takes barges up to the top of the dam and back down to the river.


      On the way back you will enjoy mountains and forest, and have an opportunity to stop at the downhill ski slope. This ski slope is equipped a chair lift. In winter people go skiing and hiking over there. Also we could stop there any time and take a Chair lift up to the top of the hill. You will never forget this trip. There is a nice view onto Krasnoyarsk opens up on the way on top. The altitude is about 300 meters. From the top you will have chance to see the part of the "Stolby" National Reserve. This way you can see it and avoid long hiking up to mountains to reach "Stolby" by walk.


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