Russian Dacha accommodation - SibTourGuide

Accommodation at a real Russian dacha nearby Krasnoyarsk 


The Dacha seasons:

July - October: available for rent and self-experience

November - April: open for supervised visits with a guide (host) only

May - June: closed due to ticks activity in the area



2-3 guests: two can sleep comfortably on the shared bedding area + one stretcher can be provided




Forest, 40 kilometers outside west of Krasnoyarsk. 

Check out location on the map here.




  • Cozy and warm wooden cabin 

  • Brick wood-burn stove (Russian fireplace), firewood for cold months  

  • Outhouse (toilet is outside) 

  • Electricity (available most of time since May until November but not guaranteed)  

  • No power from November till May 

  • Lamp, candles when there is no power 

  • Natural gas stove (when there is no power)

  • Electric boiler and hot water (available when there is power) 

  • Electric heating panels (proivided when there is power) 

  • Drinking water is delivered from the city or from the fresh water spring in the area 

  • Pots and pans 

  • Bed linens 

  • Pillows, mattresses, blankets 

  • Wooden deck to sleep, comfortable enough for three people 

  • Extra stretcher, if necessary

Russian dacha stay - summer

Russian dacha stay - winter


Dacha inside - wood-burn stove, bedding area

Will be included into rent:

  • two transfers (required): drop off and pick up;

  • stop en-route at a supermarket for groceries shopping;

  • full flexibility with your time of transfers;

  • 24 hrs English-speaking support via text messages (the place has phone reception);

  • full guidance upon arrival about how to get along and have the best experience of a Russian Dacha;






This is just an accommodation offer. If you wish to make your stay here more fun and interesting please follow the link to learn more about the Dacha options...