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Please, check out our Accommodation Section and learn how to make your trip to Siberia comfortable, less expensive and more educational. Stay with local families and learn more about Russia through approaching to real life of real people.  


Guided trips around the city and area

Check out our Tours&Excursions section and learn how you can have the best time spent in the city and the area. We would be more than pleased to assist you in designing your customized tour of the Krasnoyarsk region from the existing variety of programs.


 Airport, train station transfers for individuals and groups

We can meet you at the Yemel’anovo airport (40 km from downtown Krasnoyarsk) or at the Trans-Siberian Railway station (located in the center of the city) and transport you and your party via private car or van to your local destination in Krasnoyarsk.

We promise that we will be present upon your arrival even if there are unavoidable plane or train delays.


Guide/Interpreter service

By utilizing our experienced interpreters, you will further enrich your stay in Siberia by crossing the language barrier. 


Transportation/English-speaking taxi driver

We can meet you at any specified time anywhere in the city and transport you to any desired location. You will always have, at your disposal, an experienced English-speaking driver and a very reliable and comfortable car. Your car and driver are available to you anytime and in any weather… including the extreme Siberian cold spells. We drive year round and use two sets of tires. Only studded tires are used in winter. The air-conditioned in summer and very warm in winter 4WD Toyota Corolla Fielder is at your disposal!  


 Free information support

We will gladly share everything we know about the city and its surrounding regions. We will provide you with all information we have. For those individuals who may not require our transportation services within the city, we will be more than happy to mark interesting locations on a city map as well as indicate all the local transportation services that will bring you to and from your place of destination. Before you come to Krasnoyarsk, you can get free online general informational support through e-mail. Contact us via e-mail, telephone us, set up Skype talk session and get all your questions answered by the local travel expert. 


Reasonable prices

We have experience in designing programs based on a wide array of budgets and independent needs. Allow us surprise you with the best combination of price and quality of our services!


24 hours emergency contact

We will provide you with our emergency contact numbers which you can use 24 hours.  Once you become our customer you can always count on our help.


Birth family search/contact/interview

Over the years we have often been hired by families that adopted children from our city and the region. As time goes by and children grow, many of them start interesting in their roots - were there siblings, bio grand parents and extended family left behind? By now we have wide experience of successful searches of birth families of adopted children allover Siberia and Russia. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you to establish contact with your Russian birth family and let you learn the Russian side of your story or story of your child. We also provide mail forwarding and letters translations.


All kinds of assistance

If there is anything else we can do for you but is not listed here, please feel free to e-mail to discuss further.