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In deepest Russia, staying with a family can be a lot easier than finding a hotel room, says Stephen Dowling
(Guardian, October 12, 2005), read the full story


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Stolbisme - sports extrêmes 

Transsibérien, mon amour - a TV series made in 2010 by Canadian Evasion TV-journalists Madeleine Arcand and Olivier Picard. Anatoliy helped them with their Stolby Rocks experience, watch this video here (in French)




How to Look for Information on Vacation Spots in Russia

"...Get information about travel to Russia's barren eastern land of Siberia, and its small cities, on SibTourGuide ( and Lonely Planet's guide to Siberia. Both sites offer a wealth of information on travel through the region and the cities and attractions you encounter on the trip...", read the full story


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"...Приятно поражают цветы и чистотав подъезде дома сталинской постройки, в котором находится этот хостел. Да и внутри уютно и комфортно, есть все необходимое, чтобы чувствовать себя как дома. ...."  (National Geographic Россия, Март 2014)
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