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April 13th, 14th or 15th - any tour is just fine for our guest! Let us know if you are willing to make a group and have fun together! Everything is available: Krasnoyark Dam, Stolby Half Day Hike, Stolby Full Day Hike or City Tour. We are here, looking forward to hearing from you! Welcome to join us!

April 16: Full Day Stolby Nature Reserve Hike! Join us! We have a guest who very much wants to see more people with us. Check out the tour description here.


April 17: Russian Dacha Day Trip + Birch Sap Tapping Experience! Join us! We are very much hoping to open up the season of Birch Sap Tapping. The unique experience of some local wildlife lasts only for couple weeks at spring. There is a chance that it will just start for our guest who does not mind more people joining us. Welcome, let us know if you are around. Description.


April 19: Halfday Stolby Hike + visit to Regional Studies Museum. Join us, we are off to check the Takmak Rock. Free bonus: we are making a quick stop at the Krasnoyarsk Regional Studies museum! Feel free to contact us! The description is here.


July 09: Full Day Stolby Hike. We have two guests who have signed on the hike with us. Join us on the tour, let's make a good group and have some fun together at the Krasnoyarsk's highlight #1 - Stolby Nature Reserve! Check out the tour here.


July 10: Krasnoyarsk dam is the pride of Soviet/Russian hydorengeneering. This day we are off to see what is special about it. We have two guests who have signed on and still have few seats available. Welcome to join us, check out here.


July 18th: Join us on the perfect car trip around the area! We have 3 guests who have signed on the legendary "10-ruble" tour! There are seats available, please let us know if you are around! Check out the details here.


July 19th: Join us on the full day hike to Stolby Nature Reserve. July is comfortable and fascinating season. We have 3 guests that don't mind seing fellow travellers joining us. Let us know if you are in the area please, check out the tour description here. 




Yenisey River boat tickets booking for the season 2015!

Discover the most fascinating Siberian river by a passenger boat! The new season schedule is already available. We provide tickets booking. Feel free to contact us for more infromation! Some of our options are here.


     Here you are in Krasnoyarsk, located in central Siberia, the heart of ! The city stretches along theYenisei River's right and left banks, which is one of the most powerful Russian and Siberian rivers.

     The Yenisei River is the border between  Eastern and Western Siberia. If you are searching about the city, its inhabitants, location, heritages, culture, travel tips and experience of traveling to the area, you will find much of helpful information on this site. This website was designed to give those who are searching for information and clear idea about where Krasnoyarsk is located, what to see here and to invite curious travelers to come and visit.  

      Krasnoyarsk is the midway point of the longest railway in the world – Trans-Siberian railroad. As now tourism to this area is increasing, travelers will be pleased to find that Krasnoyarsk offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants, shopping, travel services and breathtaking local scenery. If you are traveling by train be sure to stop, relax and enjoy all that Krasnoyarsk has to offer.


      This website will help you to facilitate and arrange your tour of this area. By contacting this web site, you may ask all of your questions and we will be happy personally answer any question that you have. We can discuss your plans and ideas together in order to make your trip comfortable, unforgettable and the most efficient. With the help of local professionals, you will get to look at the real face of Siberia.


      Tours and services are offered throughout the year, summer is our most popular time, so please make your booking early so that we can accommodate you fully and make your visit a truly memorable adventure. Allow Siberian Tour Guide help you to spend the best time here. This opportunity has been just offered to you.


     Welcome to Siberia and Krasnoyarsk!

Krasnoyarsk Train Station


Chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa


Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station


Annunciation Monastery


Clock Tower


Mira Street

Krasnoyarsk history calendar


First public library opens in Krasnoyarsk. First private newspaper is published in Krasnoyarsk

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