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April 28: Join us on the tour, we are off to spend a day hiking around Stolby Nature Reserve with an Argentinian guest! Tell us if you want to be with us that day! It will be an incredible day in Siberia! The tour starts at SibTourGuide Hostel. 1-3 guests are kindly invited. 


April 29: Join us on the 10-ruble tour. We have 1-2 seats available. Contact us and let us know if you are around and want to have fun with us on the most comprehensive car trip around Krasnoyarsk and its beautiful surroundings. Start at 11.00 at SibTourGuide Hostel.

May 13: We got our minibus Trip to the Dam scheduled! Krasnoyarsk dam is the pride of Soviet engeneering. Join us if you are around. 7 seats are available. Lunch is scheduled, not included. Start at SibTourGuide Hostel at 02:30 pm.


May 14: Krasnoyarsk City Tour by minibus. Learn about Krasnoyarsk, see the most poular sights and have cool experience with international tourists. We got 7 seats left. Start at 11.00 am at English School Cafe (Lenina str. bld. 116). Finish at 02.00 pm. Welcome to join, let us know if you are around!  

July 8, 2014: Two guests have signed on the most comprehensive car tour of Krasnoyarsk and the area around - the 10-ruble tour! Welcome to join us! At least one person can join us to have fun together. Let us know if you are in the area.


July 9, 2014: We are going to enjoy a nice summer day out in the Stolby Nature Reserve and explore its most beautiful corners and lookouts. One or two more guests are invited for the adventure with two guests from sunny Australia! We look forward to hearing from you! Learn more about the tour here. 

July 27: We are off to take an insight of what is Siberian dacha like. Join our guest from Indonesia. Picnic and bbq included ;) Check out here for details.. and let us know if you around.


July 28: Fullday Stolby hike! There is no better place than to go hiking during a nice summer day. Our guest from Indonesia invites fellow-travellers to meet up and spend a day on the rocks in the beautiful Siberian nature! Let us know if you are around! Start at SibTourGuide Hostel. 

August 14: Stolby Nature Reserve is our main highlight! Our guest invites fellow travellers to make a group for the fullday hike. Join us, we look forward to seeing you in Siberia! Learn more about the tour here. Start at SibTourGuide Hostel. 


August 16, 2014: Join our New Zealand's guests to make a group and have fun together! We are going to explore the wonder of Soviet engeneering - the #2 most powerful dam in Russia! One person is kindly invited. Learn more about the trip here. 

August 17, 2014: Our guests invite visitors of Krasnoyarsk to join us on a hike to Stolby Nature Reserve. All options are considered: fullday, halfday etc. Join us to make a group and decrease the cost! Contact us if you are around! Please check out here to see the options.


     Here you are in Krasnoyarsk, located in central Siberia, the heart of Russia! The city stretches along theYenisei River's right and left banks, which is one of the most powerful Russian and Siberian rivers.

     The Yenisei River is the border between  Eastern and Western Siberia. If you are searching about the city, its inhabitants, location, heritages, culture, travel tips and experience of traveling to the area, you will find much of helpful information on this site. This website was designed to give those who are searching for information and clear idea about where Krasnoyarsk is located, what to see here and to invite curious travelers to come and visit.  

      Krasnoyarsk is the midway point of the longest railway in the world – Trans-Siberian railroad. As now tourism to this area is increasing, travelers will be pleased to find that Krasnoyarsk offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants, shopping, travel services and breathtaking local scenery. If you are traveling by train be sure to stop, relax and enjoy all that Krasnoyarsk has to offer.


      This website will help you to facilitate and arrange your tour of this area. By contacting this web site, you may ask all of your questions and we will be happy personally answer any question that you have. We can discuss your plans and ideas together in order to make your trip comfortable, unforgettable and the most efficient. With the help of local professionals, you will get to look at the real face of Siberia.


      Tours and services are offered throughout the year, summer is our most popular time, so please make your booking early so that we can accommodate you fully and make your visit a truly memorable adventure. Allow Siberian Tour Guide help you to spend the best time here. This opportunity has been just offered to you.


     Welcome to Siberia and Krasnoyarsk!

Krasnoyarsk Train Station


Chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa


Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station


Annunciation Monastery


Clock Tower


Mira Street

Krasnoyarsk history calendar

26th August, 1942

German warship "Admiral Sheer" attacks Krasnoyarsk region's Arctic shore. Battle of the ice breaker Dezhnyov with Admiral Sheer nearby port Dixon. The most eastern battle with Nazis takes place on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region.

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