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Trip to the central area of Stolby Reserve (full day trip)

The trip to the central area of the reserve is the best option to get to know it. If you have enough time and you feel you are physically ready for the tour please, follow the link to learn more about our hiking/trekking daytrip there.

Duration: 6-8 hours, year round




  • transportation by car to the reserve and back to the city;

  • parking/entrance fee;

  • English-speaking guide service;

  • picnic/lunch on the mountains;

Highlights of the tour:




  • Small Elephant Rock

  • First Rock

  • Second Rock – lookout

  • Mitra Rock

  • Grandmother Rock – lookout

  • Granddaughter Rock

  • Grandfather Rock – lookout

  • Lion Gates Rock – lookout

  • Feathers Rock

  • Fourth Rock – “hard rock cafe”: lookout and place for picnic

  • Third Rock

Stolby trip 24

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Trip to Takmak Rock (half day trip)

Takmak Rock is the nearest to the city rock of the Stolby reserve. This option is the easiest way to learn what is the Stolby like and spend only half of the day out in the nature. Upon your choice this tour might involve a chair-lift ride or 30-40 minutes hike through the forest along the hiking path.

Duration: 3-5 hours, year round



  • transportation to the reserve and back to the city by car;

  • English-speaking guide service;

Highlights of the tour:

  • Bobroviy Log ski-resort;

  • Chair-lift (optional);

  • Takmak Rock;

Takmak 21

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Transfers by car to the Stolby Reserve

We offer you a car transfer that will allow you to save your time and energy for exploring the real beauty. We can drive you into the Reserve as far as we can and drop you off just within 40 minutes walking to where the rocks begin. Public transport does not go this far. The car ride from the city center will take less than one hour. Then we can set time to come back to get you and transport you back to the city.

From our FAQ: Is it possible to go to Stolby without guide?





A: Yes, it is possible, but note the following circumstances. A bus from downtown of Krasnoyarsk takes up to 1 hour to get to the area. Then you will need to walk uphill about 2 hours, depending on how fast you are. Thus, roughly only in 3 hours you will finally reach the area with the first rocks. Totally it will take from your day up to 5-6 hours just to get there and come back to the city. Once in the rocky area there will be not much time left for exploring around and enjoying your time. This is a good alternative for those who want to save their budgets and still see the Stolby in the most efficient way. But on the other hand without local knowledge of the hiking paths and routes to the look outs, you will not see the things that usually our customers get to see once touring with us.

From our FAQ: Is it possible to see Stolby without much hiking due to tourist’s age, physical ability, limited time etc.?


A: Yes, there is a such opportunity. The Administration of the Reserve might issue a special permit. This allows to drive you all the way to the first rocks area. This can be added to our Trip to the Central Area of Stolby or to our general Stolby Transfer.

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Accommodation at Stolby Reserve



Rock Climbers Hut

Campground - tents Guesthouse  Rock Climbers Hut
Campground  Guesthouse - inside  Rock Climbers Hut - inside

All these great accommodations can be booked through SibTourGuide year round . Please contact us to learn more.