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10-ruble tour - the banknote 10-ruble tour - road to the dam 10-ruble tour - Communal Bridge (Kommunalniy Most) 10-ruble tour - Chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa 10-ruble tour - the signal cannon

Duration: 8 hours


Distance covered: 100 km



  • pick up from your location for a private tour

  • transportation by car (van)

  • English-speaking guide service

  • lunch scheduled, not included


The main highlights (stops) of this excursion:

  • Chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa on Karaulnaya Gora Hill (Chasovnya). Amazing panoramic view of Krasnoyarsk.   

  • Krasnoyarsk midday cannon firing (if schedule allows).

  • Victory in the Great Patriotic War Memorial (WW2). Victory Museum.

  • Strelka area, the place where the first fortress was built.

  • Yenisei River embankment.

  • "Svyatitel Nikolai" steam paddle ship.

  • Communal Bridge / Kommunalny Most

  • Trans-Siberian Railroad Bridge.

  • Nikolaevsky Bridge.

  • Tsar-Ryba (King-Fish) - lookout/memorial on the way to the dam with an amazing view to enjoy Yenisei River.

  • Village of Ovsyanka and “The Last Bow” Astafiev’s memorial. See more photos here.

  • Town of Divnogorsk, river embankment.

  • Krasnoyarsk dam. Once there we enjoy it from different viewpoints.

  • Boat Lift.

  • Krasnoyarsk Sea (Yenisei River reservoir behind the dam).


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10-ruble tour - "King-Fish" (Tsar-Ryba) lookout-memorial 10-ruble tour - "The Last Bow" Victor Astafiev memorial 10-ruble tour - Memorial of Victory in WWII 10-ruble tour - Krasnoyarsk dam 10-ruble tour - Krasnoyarsk Sea