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Yenisey river discovery - "Aleksander Matrosov" Yenisey river discovery - "Mikhail Lermontov" Yenisey river discovery - passenger ships Yenisey river discovery - "Professor Bliznyak" Yenisey river discovery

     Yenisey river is among the largest and longest rivers in Russia. It starts on the south of Siberia and runs all the way up north to the Arctic ocean. Most of the places further than town of Yeniseisk (400 km away from Krasnoyarsk towards north) have no roads and can be accessed only by air, year round or by the the river in summer. It is possible to sail towards north along the Yenisey starting in Krasnoyarsk. Tourists can’t travel towards south with scheduled boats since there is the Krasnoyarsk dam, which is located 40 km upstream of the city. Another great option to see the Yenisey river might be the the short hydrofoil boat trips that start in Krasnoyarsk down town and end in the town of Divnogorsk (town by the Krasnoyarsk dam), see below.


     Here you can experience the river and Siberian life with local passenger vessels. These boats serve for local people who just travel from “point A to point B”. There are no entertainment or excursions programs for such passengers since those are not the luxury cruises.


     Due to the Russian Government rulles, foreign citizens are not allowed to travel further than Igarka without having a special invitation. All these largest cities such as Dudinka and Norilsk require a private person, a state organization or an enterprise to invite you to visit their town. Currently the SibTourGuide does not provide assistance with obtaining such invitations. But we have designed our offers without facing up with the challenge of getting extra paper work that always consumes extra time and money!


     Our river trips are adjusted to the boats schedule which is usually published in May. The shipping season starts in the first half of June (end of May) and lasts until October.


     Every year the Yenisey river attracts tourists and we are happy to propose you our services with arranging your river trip. We can book your boat tickets, organize transfers, accommodation and excursion programs en-route. 


     Please note, summer is the season when local people travel to vacations and then come back to their towns. Thus we encourage you to plan your trip in advance so we can book your tickets and accommodation. Follow the link to learn more how you can take the long trip and get the most of Yenisey river...  


Krasnoyarsk - Divnogorsk

Krasnoyarsk-Divnogorsk - "Raketa" arriving to Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk-Divnogorsk - "Meteor" - River Station Krasnoyarsk-Divnogorsk - "Zarya" leaving Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk-Divnogorsk - "Raketa" arriving to Divnogorsk Krasnoyarsk-Divnogorsk - "Zarya"

     The easiest way to experience Yenisey river is the hydrofoil "Raketa"-type public boat. It serves on the route between downtown of Krasnoyarsk and town of Divnogorsk, which is located approximately 40 km away upstream of the river towards south. It departs from the River Station (Rechnoy Vokzal). The boats do not reach the Krasnoyarsk dam since they gets only to Divnogorsk, which is still 10-15 minutes away from the dam to drive. But you might like to include this boat ride to our famous "Trip to the dam" or "10-ruble tour". Once touring with us we can pick you up in Divnogorsk and drive you further to the dam. Then you will come back to the city by car and enjoy the countryside and not miss the most significant places en-route.

See photos of Divnogorsk-Krasnoyarsk boat trip done by our customers...



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